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Construction marketing

About Ant Hire solutions

Ant Hire Solutions is an independent, family-run business specialising in equipment and solutions for the Utility sector. We are dedicated to overcoming challenges, saving time and reducing costs through increased efficiency for water companies, drainage contractors and civil engineers throughout the UK


Campaign Objectives

Anthire were looking to promote their very popular Vertform method of manhole construction which was becoming the preferred method over traditional options. The challenges we faced were encouraging change within their industry and educating old school tradesmen new methods that they were not used to. Our strategy involved a telemarketing campaign outlining the benefits of the product whilst establishing a need. Via digital marketing activities we educated the contacts further and finally we called the contacts to meet up with an Ant Hire representative to explore in more depth. We were also assigned to fulfil a research campaign to establish why certain customers had stopped using a particular product.


Campaign Results

32 Face to face meetings were booked with ideal potential clients and if they changed to Ant Hires way of thinking would ensure an ongoing stream of revenue with a considerable Return on investment. Numerous phone meetings were also booked to build on the relationships and we created huge brand awareness in regions of the country which were not familiar with Ant Hire and their products.
As a result of the research campaign we could give valuable feedback to the Ant Hire team. This information can then be used to save time moving forward and to improve any marketing activities to this list of accounts.


Customer Comments

“I would highly recommend Frontline Telemarketing to anyone in the Construction and plant hire industry. My account manager was always available to discuss progress and strategy and all staff were quick to learn ongoing product training. They managed to secure 32 Face to Face Meetings in 36 Days and 19 phone call Meetings -Catherine Marketing Coordinator”