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QC cleaning is a commercial cleaning company with offices in Reading and London. They have over 30 years’ experience with a main focus within the serviced and commercial office industry.


Campaign Objectives

Great Guns marketing was assigned the task to increase their presents in the commercial office sector. With a mixture of telemarketing and Lead generation via digital marketing we would create brand awareness and commit prospects to review their current cleaning requirements.



We booked a total of 14 meetings over 18 days and created a warm list of a further 30 prospects who were willing to meet up closer to their supplier review date. Over 1200 phone calls were made and about 200 emails were sent after speaking to a decision maker creating great brand awareness.


Customer Comments

Frontline Telemarketing have really given us a firmer position in this sector. They did the hard work of getting us in front of people and our close ratio guaranteed are success with this project.
Prashant- Director