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Email & social media Marketing

Combining Email, LinkedIn & Telemarketing increases Lead
Generation ROI by up to 52%

Email marketing gives us the intelligence and tracking needed to only focus on making phones calls to companies that have an interest in what you do and are engaging with your marketing messages.


Gone are the days of the “scatter gun” email approach, at frontline we focus on sending out the right message, to the right audience at the right time.


Social media posting is a great way of becoming a “thought leader” within your industry, pulling customers in naturally whilst also answering questions along their buying journey.


By establishing where your audience “hangs out” online, you can post relevant content with links to your website with an aim to drive more traffic to your site.

Our Team

Our in-house Team includes,

  • Graphic designers
  • Content writers
  • Business strategists
This ensures your integrated campaigns are of the highest quality and a huge success.
Tracking and Intelligence

Email campaigns can be used to,

  • Track an individual’s further interaction
  • Establish what they like via what links they click on
  • Brand awareness prior to calling them
We build a complete picture of your prospects buying behaviour
Lead Generation

We Use email & social to generate you a steady flow of Sales Leads by,

  • Promoting your latest blogs & news articles
  • Creating email journey’s & stories
  • Automated email triggers from website actions
We generate you high quality sales Leads and face to face meetings